Soft toys and baby toys made by the Mary Meyer Corporation. Girl holding three teddy bears.

So you've heard of this great brand for children called Mary Meyer and want to know more about their products? We're proud to be a premier partner to Mary Meyer and carry hundreds of their products. We have a direct line to the ownership and have a great relationship with them. So if you're looking to learn about Mary Meyer, this is the place to be.

Mary Meyer is an award-winning manufacturer of premium stuffed toys and baby products. Their line includes the manufacturing or distribution of popular brands such as Chiparoo, Cozy Toes, Fabfuzz, Leika, Lulujo, Marshmallow Zoo, Mary Meyer Baby, Puffernutter, Putty, Taggies, and Wubbanub.

We love Mary Meyer toys and are super excited to share what we know! So, let's not waste any time. What does Mary Meyer make? Let's jump right into the lineup of Mary Meyer stuffed toys and baby products!

About Mary Meyer Products

Mary Meyer, as I mentioned, makes award-winning lines of quality stuffed toys, plush, and baby products that are fun to play with and easy to clean. Here's a chart that includes popular lines made or distributed by Mary Meyer:

Mary Meyer Soft Toys Mary Meyer Baby
Chiparoo Mary Meyer Baby
Cozy Toes Leika
FabFuzz Lulujo
Marshmallow Zoo Taggies
Puffernutter Wubbanub


Today, the third-generation company is run by Mary Meyer's grandchildren, Kevin and Steven Meyer. I'm going to take a few minutes to share a little information about each of their product lines.

Mary Meyer Stuffed Toys and Plush

As we celebrate 90 years of Mary Meyer, there are many great soft toys and lines to enjoy.


Chiparoo is a premium line of 6-inch soft stuffed animals that have a lower price point and makes an excellent value option for the perfect cuddly companion.

The Chiparoo line includes a variety of animals, such as a bunny, cow, elephant, fox, lion, monkey, moose, raccoon, or squirrel.

Each Mary Meyer Chiparoo features an affordable soft toy that's perfect for little hands to hold onto. They have adorable faces and floppy little legs. They also feature plastic eyes and embroidered face details.

Cozy Toes

Cozy Toes are approximately 17 inches in size and are premium poseable "under-stuffed toys" that you can drape on your shoulder, hand, or anywhere else.

Some fun Cozy Toes include a fawn, raccoon, lion, black bear, fox, cow, moose, frog, alligator, pig, puppy, unicorn, monkey, kitty, and lamb.

They feature super-soft ribbed material that makes them super cuddly and includes plastic eyes, a fabric nose, and an embroidered mouth.


FabFuzz is all about the materials used to make these high-quality stuffies. This stuffed toy features, you guessed it, a fabulously fuzzy mix of materials and ranges in size from 8 to 15 inches.

Options include unicorns, cows, sheep, monkeys, moose, roosters, octopuses, alligators, sloths, roosters, kittens, puppies, and more.

Marshmallow Zoo

These are probably my personal favorites. Mary Meyer was on a mission to find the softest materials they could find, which resulted in Marshmallow Zoo stuffed toys. These incredibly soft friends range in size from 9 to 20 inches.

Options include teddy bears, puppies, bunnies, seals, dinosaurs, walruses, kitty cats, lambs, giraffes, red pandas, frogs, lions, unicorns, tigers, leopards, fawns, elephants, dogs, mooses, sloths, alligators, horses, black bears, and more.

Marshmallow Zoo plush features Mary Meyer's softest fabric, beans for weight, embroidered mouths, and durable sonic welded eyes for the ultimate in baby protection.


These plump little friends are 10 inches and make a great pillow-like companion.

Choose from a gray kitty, a tan puppy, or a brown sloth.

These uniquely textured plush include plastic eyes, embroidered face details, and beans for a little extra weight.


Mary Meyer's famous Putty plush range in size from 6 to 20 inches and feature a soft textured fabric.

You'll have a huge selection of stuffies to choose from.

These adorable friends include embroidered eyes with beans in the bottom and feet.

Types of Stuffed Toys and Plush

Mary Meyer makes a variety of stuffed toys and plush, including board books, soft toys, stick horses, and a huge variety of stuffed animals.

Mary Meyer Soft Toy Size Comparison

Depending on the size of the plush you're looking for, some lines may be better suited for you than others. We put together this comparison chart to help you choose the best plush animal, based on your size preferences.

Brand Size
Chiparoo 6"
Cozy Toes 17"
FabFuzz 8 to 15"
Marshmallow Zoo 9 to 20"
Puffernutter 10"
Putty 6 to 20"

Mary Meyer Baby Toys

Mary Meyer is also known for their incredible selection of baby toys. Check out some of the options for the new addition to your family.

Mary Meyer Baby

Mary Meyer Baby is the core of stuffed animals, and baby toys focused on newborns and infants. They are designed to be engaging, fun, and safe for little ones.


Leika is the Scandinavian word for "play." The line is focused on woodland animals, where each animal has a variety of stuffies, baby toys, loveys, teethers, books, blankets, swaddles, or rattles to choose from.

We love this line because you can match an animal that baby may enjoy most to get a variety of products that make them more recognizable to learn from.


Lulujo is a line of blankets, swaddles, bibs, crib sheets, hats, baby towels, and more that is distributed in the United States by Mary Meyer.

Because Mary Meyer is so strict with the quality of their own products, you can count on this premium brand for your baby.


Mary Meyer is the maker of the original Taggies, which are stuffed animals, soft books, baby mats, and baby toys that feature the famous "taggies" which babies and infants are fascinated by. They are great for a first start in building fin-motor skills in little ones.


Another favorite of ours are Wubbanub toys. Mary Meyer distributes exclusive Wubbanubs, which are little stuffies with a pacifier on end. This two-in-one baby product was certainly loved in our home with my two girls when they were young.

Types of Baby Toys

Mary Meyer makes a variety of baby toys that include activity toys, bibs, blankets, crinkle squares, loveys, musical toys, rattles, soft books, soft toys, swaddles, and teethers.

The Perfect Gift

Mary Meyer stuffies and baby toys make the perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, holidays, and any other event where you're looking for a gift for babies, infants, toddlers, and anyone that loves stuffed toys. Our customers constantly choose this company as the perfect gift option for their family members.

Who Was Mary Meyer?

Mary Meyer was an incredible woman who created a multi-generational soft toy company from the literal scraps of her sewing projects. Her story is an inspiration.

Mary Meyer at Maziply Toys

At Maziply Toys, we love this family-owned toy company. We love Mary Meyer so much that we have a special custom-built store-in-store section dedicated to Mary Meyer. In fact, you won't believe who built it for us. Kevin and Steven Meyer, who run Mary Meyer today, were both on their hands and knees building the display that they designed specifically for our store. We weren't kidding around when we said we had good relations with them.

We are so proud to offer one of the largest selections of Mary Meyer products around. Our customers love them. Come on in and check out our selection in person, or shop Mary Meyer right here on our website. We're sure to have the perfect stuffed toy for you, your family, or your little one. You'll love our selection!