A Good Look At Many Of Our Melissa & Doug Play Food Toys At Maziply
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A Good Look At Many Of Our Melissa & Doug Play Food Toys At Maziply

What’s the most essential thing to our survival? It’s not food — the answer is water, but food is a close second! While any type of food will sustain you and your kid’s survival, it’s important to eat the right kinds of foods to give your bodies the proper nutrition it needs to continue growing healthy and strong.

For young kids, food is so important, and that’s why play food toys from educational toy companies like Melissa & Doug are priceless in terms of teaching children the value of healthy, quality food and its role in day-to-day life. At this point, the days of baby food are over. It’s time to get your child familiarized with real foods!

Food Education Made Fun Through Melissa & Doug Play Food Toys

Maziply is proud to carry many Melissa & Doug educational toys to assist in your child’s learning, growth, and overall healthy development. Paramount to almost any other aspect of their childhood, play food toys are central to growing up with a proper understanding of not only what different foods are, but how they work and how they’re prepared. These invaluable lessons are sure to last a lifetime!

Below, our Kingston toy shop is going to highlight several of our favorite Melissa & Doug play food toys. Feel free to browse our main collection of Melissa & Doug products or reach out to Maziply if you have any questions about the children’s toys that we carry.

Melissa & Doug Pantry Products

What’s there to eat around the house? Suitable for ages three and over, Melissa & Doug Pantry Products is a nine-piece wooden set of various dry goods that familiarize your kiddo with some of the more common items that they’re bound to see in an actual kitchen. See them laugh and explore with curiosity as they compare these toy kitchen pantry items with their real equivalent! The set includes tuna, ketchup, spaghetti, soup, sugar, crackers, salad dressing, mustard, and cereal.

Melissa & Doug Fridge Food

How often do we open up our fridges to find something to eat, only to close it and open it back up hoping to find something new? Probably too often! As a great way to familiarize your child with typical fridge foods, this Melissa and Doug Fridge Food set offers a fun and colorful selection of nine different wooden items. In the set, your child will enjoy playing with waffles, milk, bologna, orange juice, ice cream, frozen vegetables, swiss cheese, butter, and yogurt.

Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House! Grocery Cans

Surely food must come from somewhere, right? While food is grown and sourced well before it hits the grocery store shelves, your child might associate the food in your kitchen with the grocery store if you’ve been taking them with you on your errands. Ideal for stocking a pretend kitchen with canned goods, these colorful, stackable Let’s Play House! Grocery Cans are sure to foster creative and imaginative play. Included in the 10-piece set are cans of tuna fish, corn, tomato sauce, peas, pineapple slices, sliced peaches, green beans, pitted cherries, sliced mushrooms, and alphabet soup.

Melissa & Doug Pizza Party

Who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned pizza party? Your child will be an expert dough-tosser in no time with this pizza party play set! With over 50 toppings, the possibilities of customizing each of the six slices are practically endless. The brightly-colored pizza party tray stores everything nice and tidy, and the pizza even makes slicing noises when it’s cut! Your child can’t miss out on this pizza party pretend food play toy.

Melissa & Doug Prepare & Serve Pasta Set

That’s a spicy meatball! If you and your child can’t decide between Penne, Ravioli, Bow Ties, or Linguini, don’t worry — you’ll find all of these pasta varieties in the Melissa & Doug Prepare & Serve Pasta Set. Complete with a menu and guide to craft the greatest pasta combinations possible, your kid will have a great time getting creative with the included parmesan cheese, tomato sauce, shaker, pot and pan, and bowl to throw it all together in. Truly, this is Italian food at its finest!

Melissa & Doug Slice And Toss Salad Play Food Set

This is healthy food education for kids at its finest! From organic kale and organic lettuce to healthy dressings and a variety of vegetable toppings designed to teach your hungry kiddo about the importance of quality nutrition, there’s even an included cutting board, “knife” (not real or sharp!) and salad bowl to mix it all together. Learn more about the Melissa and Doug Slice and Toss Salad Set in the link above!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Flip & Serve Pancake Set

OK, so maybe pancakes aren’t quite as healthy as salad — but they are delicious and fun to make! Your young chef can flip and prepare two golden flapjacks with the works: blueberries, bananas, chocolate chips, and pats of butter. To assist with the “cooking” and flipping of the ‘jacks, this Melissa and Doug pancake set includes a skillet, knife (not real or sharp!), and spatula. Get flipping with your little chef today!

Melissa & Doug Food Groups

What could be more useful and essential to teach your child what goes into different food groups than actual toys that resemble parts of each food group? Planning a well-balanced meal isn’t rocket science with Melissa and Doug Food Groups educational play food toy! With four separate wooden baskets to sort out the different items, your kid will enjoy playing with foods like watermelon, bananas, milk, bread, fish, cheese, and more. Get sorting today!

Melissa & Doug Cutting Food

Chop chop! Teach your kiddo how to chop food the safe way without an actual, sharpened knife. Including over 25 hand-painted wooden food pieces from the likes of waterlemon, a baguette, peppers, and a tomato, your child will be delighted as they “cut” through these foods with the provided “knife” and cutting board combo. Using this play food cutting set even makes a satisfying “crunch” noise! Check it out today.

Melissa & Doug Felt Food Sandwich Set

With 33 individual sandwich set pieces, your kiddo will be the next sandwich master on the block! This felt play food sandwich set includes all the essential fixings to make a great sandwich: bread, cheeses, meats, vegetables, condiments, eggs, bacon, and more. Have your child make a special sandwich order for you today!

Melissa & Doug Play Food Is Fun, Simple, And Affordable With Maziply!

Of course, our toy store in Kingston, MA carries many more Melissa & Doug play food toys for you and your kids to enjoy and learn from. Feel free to shop our main collection of Melissa & Doug products or learn more about us here at Maziply.