Top 10 Toys

We decided to put together a list of the top 10 toys on Maziply each month. These are the top 10 selling toys in July of 2015. As I'm sure you know, there are many great toys to choose from, but these are the select few that topped the list.

Interesting Facts for the Top 10 Toys

Disney was the big winner during the month of July. In fact, every one of the top 10 toys sold from Maziply were Disney toys.

Play sets were incredibly popular in the top 10 toys list this month. Six of the ten were actually play sets. There was a split between boys and girls toys with 5 for boys and 5 for girls in the top 10.

The big mover of the month was the Disney Fairies Legend of the Neverbeast Doll Set, which moved from 156 to 4 in a single month. Wow! A newcomer to our lineup was the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Play Set. This was the first month we sold it and it landed at number 7 on the top 10 toys list!

Well, let's get to it. here are the top 10 toys sold on Maziply during the month of July.

Top 10 Toys for July of 2015

Don't worry. If something's out of stock, we'll have it back soon. Afterall, these are our top 10 toys!

1. Disney Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen Pit Crew Play Set (Up 1)

2. Sofia the First Costume Dress (Up 84)

3. Disney Princess Play Set 1 (Down 2)

4. Disney Fairies Legend of the Neverbeast Doll Set (Up 152)

5. Toy Story Talking Zurg Action Figure (Down 2)

6. Miles from Tomorrowland Play Set (Up 12)

7. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Deluxe Play Set (NA - First available in July)

8. Toy Story Play Set (Up 26)

9. Classic Snow White Doll (Up 4)

10. Classic 12" Mulan Doll (Down 2)

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See something here that you might like to get? Follow the links above to learn more about each one. Check back next month to see the top 10 toys in August of 2015!