Tsum Tsum

Tsum Tsum's are currently the rage! Have you heard of them? Here is a little about them, to bring us all up to date on what these plush are!

What are Tsum Tsum's

Tsum Tsum's are collectible plushes that were released by Disney. Each plush is based on one of Disney's popular characters. They were originally released in Japan hence the name. "Tsum Tsum" comes from the Japanese verb tsumu which means to stack, and that is exactly what you do with these! They are made to stack on top of one another and make a pyramid. These cuties were first released in 2013 based on a popular mobile game in Japan. They were released in the United States in July of 2014, and then in Disneyland Paris the next month. 

Tsum Tsum's come in three different sizes; the mini which is 3 1/2", the medium which is 11", and the large which is 17". Many different characters are available, and some are released on a seasonal basis. More characters are available in the mini size then the other two. 

Availablility of Tsum Tsum's

Tsum Tsum's availability can vary from country to country. Disney is currently releasing more in each country to increase which Tsum's Tsum's are available to be purchased. Tokyo, where tsum tsum's were first released still have the largest number of characters that are offered.