Miles from Tomorrowland


Disney Junior is expected to release a new TV show in February 2015 called Miles from Tomorrowland.

About Miles from Tomorrowland

So you're probably wondering what it's about. Miles from Tomorrowland follows Miles and his family as they explore the universe. It's a story that teaches science while showing the true importance of family.

The show will span a half an hour block and will feature two 11 minute mini-episodes (one right after the other).

Here's what Nancy Kanter (SVP and General Manager of Disney Junior Worldwide) had to say about it when the show was announced:

"We hope this series will influence a child’s interest in science and technology by introducing them at an early age to the exciting world of space exploration, how things work and what lies beyond the here and now."

Here's the logo for the upcoming show:

Miles from Tomorrowland logo


Miles from Tomorrowland Characters

Let's take a look at the characters of Miles from Tomorrowland

  • Miles: Our 7 year old hero
  • Loretta: Miles' big sister
  • Phoebe: Miles and Loretta's Mom
  • Leo: Miles and Loretta's Dad

Tomorrowland Trivia

Tomorrowland is a land that was first build in Disneyland and is featured in many Disney parks around the world. Miles from Tomorrowland is based on this fun area of the parks.