Spirograph Design Tin Set

by Kahootz
$ 14.99

The Spirograph Design Tin set helps young aspiring artists explore their creativity through millions of awesome designs. This set is back and even better than you remember. It features the iconic rings and wheels from the original but updated to meet today's expectations.

The set features a collector tin with a convenient snap-in tray for storage. They Spirograph gears will work with the two included fine line pens, as well as most pens, pencils, markers, and more.

Use the Spiro-Putty to hold the pieces securely where you want, without making holes in your work. 

The Spirograph Design Tin Set also includes a 24 page design pad along with a design guide in full color.

What's Included in the Spirograph Design Tin Set?

The following is included in the Spirograph Design Tin set:

  • Collectible Travel Tin, which includes a storage tray
  • 24 page design pad
  • 10 page guide/instructions book
  • 21 oz of Spiro-Putty, which is reusable
  • 2 Fine Line Pens
  • 1 Spirograph Precision Rack
  • 1 Spirograph Precision Ring
  • 7 Spirograph Precision Wheels

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