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This Schleich mustang stallion features a deep, dark brown coat that is simple but stunning. The mane and tail are primarily tan with red highlights. The highlights give this Schleich horse its character. Rather than rearing, Schleich chose to give it a firm stance that shows the power of a true mustang stallion.

  • Schleich designs their horses very carefully from the initial sketch through molding.
  • Each horse figure is individually hand-painted.
  • The Schleich mustang stallion is part of the Schleich Farm World collection, which is a continuously growing line that includes a wide variety of horses.

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Ways to Play with the Schleich Mustang Stallion

The Schleich Mustang Stallion is a beautiful way to introduce your kiddos to horses and have many developmental advantages as well.

  • Explore imaginary play while playing with the Schleich Mustang Stallion and other Schleich horses and sets.
  • You can mix the mustang stallion with other horses and play "I spy" types of games with the horses.
  • It offers a great way to introduce and teach your kiddos about horses. Learn a little more about the mustang stallion in the "about" section below. You can share this information with them. Be sure to let them hold the animal while explaining it. Maintaining the horse will utilize multiple senses while learning about them in a fun way. By doing this, they will retain the information much better.
  • If you have multiple Schleich horses, you can line them up and test their knowledge.

Schleich Mustang Stallion Collectors

If you're a Schleich horse collector and you have Schleich stallions, you'll want to add this to your collection. Whether you line them up, display them, box them away, custom-paint them, or add them to a full table diorama, this is sure to be a great addition to your collection.

Limited edition Schleich horses are a great value to any collection. While this one did release in 2016, Schleich horses do eventually retired and are sometimes replaced with a newer version.

About Mustang Stallions

Mustangs are a symbol of freedom and were very popular in the Wild West.

The Spanish brought them over as domesticated horses. These horses are known as "mestengos" in Spanish, which translates to "wild, stray." The Spanish left them to the open pastures.

Other than pumas, there were no predators that put them at risk. Over the years, mustangs have become feral in America. You'll still find plenty of wild mustang herds throughout the country today. They are typically led by a stallion mustang horse, which is usually the father of the foals in the herd. 

Schleich Mustang Stallion Fun Facts

Here at Maziply Toys, we enjoy fun facts, so here's a couple:

  • Their scientific name is Equus ferus caballus.
  • Since Schleich is German, we thought we'd let you know that the word for the stallion in Germany is "Hengst." So it would be a Schleich Mustang Hengst.

Schleich Farm World Mustang Stallion Horse Figure Details

Here are some details that you might want to know about the Schleich Farm World Mustang Stallion Horse Figure:

Schleich Farm World Mustang Stallion Horse Figure Specifications

  • Package Size: 5.75 x 1.38 x 4.26 (W x L x H) Inches
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs
  • UPC: 4005086138056, 4059433322698
  • MPN: 13805
  • Safety Warning: Suitable for children under three years. Does not require labeling

So which are you? A collector? Or a parent looking to watch your little one develop while having fun? Either way, you can get your Schleich Farm World Mustang Stallion Animal Figure today!

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