1989 Batwing Replica Desk Statue

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$ 39.95

1989 Batwing Replica Desk Statue

  • Statue of Original Batwing from 1989 blockbuster film
  • Made of zinc-alloy, this is a solid-metal Batwing replica
  • Designed and crafted by QMx Caliber Metalworks
  • Provided to you by Maziply Toys & Collectibles

Collectors of Batman memorabilia will be thrilled to find this gem of a replica, available from Maziply for just $39.95. As we all know, the Caped Crusader’s preferred mode of air travel is the Batwing, and this beautifully-crafted Batwing replica statue does an amazing job of capturing the original essence found in Anton Furst’s original model. Get yours from Maziply today!

  • $39.95
  • 5.75” in length x 6.88” wide x 3.25” in height
  • Zinc alloy

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